Amsterdam and Weesp

Hi James,

Something unusual has happened: the city (in CS terms) of Weesp has merged with Amsterdam. Amsterdam has been updated since the merge, and the streets of Weesp have been added, as expected.

However, the boundary of Amsterdam has not been changed. As a results the nodes for streets in Weesp do not not show up on the city page.
Also, Weesp still exists as an independent city. It could be removed completely, which I think is a shame, or it could be turned into a sub-city of Amsterdam. That might get a bit weird though, because the OSM structure for Amsterdam (admin level 8) is that is has 2 parts:

I have suggested on the OSM forum to add other boroughs (Dutch: stadsdelen), but that seems a no-no.

Yeah, city borders aren’t automatically updated. I can get that updated.

It doesn’t seem worth keeping Weesp or adding all of the admin_level 10 places, because there are only three. I’m surprised to hear that adding the boroughs wasn’t accepted - it seems like a fairly common addition to OSM. :person_shrugging: Some of these OSM moderators are weird.

Hi James,

Figured I’d just hijack this thread rather than make a new one. Could you update these cities’ borders as well? Let me know if there’s a better way to ask about this than posting on the forums too.


Edit: Just saw these got updated, thank you!

City borders are updated, thanks James.

I agree, in this case let’s drop Weesp. Sorry Weesp!