AMSAP Challenge Leaderboard

The AMSAP Challenges can be found in the “Featured” section of the Challenges page. They occur monthly for Supporters, and require that you manually sign up each month. Every November, the AMSAP Challenge is swapped out in favor of Nodevember - it’s free, and everyone is automatically enrolled.

I want to make a Leaderboard style page for the AMSAP Challenges - something somewhat close to the existing pages for e.g. Nodevember … but with a heavier focus on stats/standings, and a long-running placement for Challengers month over month.

This Leaderboard/dashboard addition will probably also come with the change of having all Supporters automatically enrolled in all AMSAP Challenges.
My initial thoughts for this page were specifically around a stats-heavy view of the AMSAP Challenges, but if it’s an auto-enroll thing then it starts to feel a bit more like a core feature of CityStrides (as opposed to an extra feature) … which makes me think about fully rewriting the current Leaderboard page - especially since all country, region, and city pages all now have their own individual leaderboards.

There’s a lot to think about, and you all provide great feedback so I figured I’d make this post to start gathering your perspective.

I think it all sounds pretty good, with the caveat that if this aspect requires a whole lot of rewriting code/redesigning that come at the expense of other parts of the site/your valuable time, it may be worth considering how and whether to prioritize that.

It would help to see a mock-up example of what you’re thinking of the new challenges stats/leaderboard page to provide more discrete feedback :slight_smile: