Allow customization of LifeMap Poster

I wonder if it’s possible to enable a few lines of free text to personalise the poster (below the city name for example).

I’m thinking of maybe including date completed, or if you are the first person, to have that on there.

And also have the option to have the Citystrides logo in the corner if you want it?

In the same vein, it would be nice to also have the option to hide the text completely; I personally like the aesthetic of only showing the runs, without additional information.


Also i would like to make a map of a particular geographic area, not just limited to one city, because otherwise there’s big chunks missing (e.g. Santa Monica vs Los Angeles)

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Same here, especially for areas that include more than one incorporated city

New supporter with just about a week of using CityStrides, but on the LifeMap Poster customization, I’d love to have a ‘clean’ version that shows the streets using the nodes, with some sort of thickness weighting for repeats, but removes the raw GPS data since it can leave some undesirable street ghosting.


I’d like to second some of these sentiments. I’m a ways from my city completion, but I’d like to eventually be able to download a map of my completed city with a background much like a regular map of the city—not just a blank background—almost as though crossing off these streets on a paper map.


+1 from me and optional CityStrides logo/branding to toggle on and off.

Thanks for the additional note on optional branding.

Definitely click the ‘Vote’ button if you want this feature - I base a lot of my “wtf am I doing with my life” decisions around the number of votes on the threads in this category :rofl: