All streets deleted, Charlestown RI

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New one for me, in a recent update all the roads in the town of Charlestown, Rhode Island - CityStrides seem to have been deleted but I don’t see any activity in OSM history that would have caused it. Any professionals that could lend advice?

Someone else emailed me about two other cities with the same trouble. Resyncing solved the issue there, so I’ll do the same here.

It’s odd, because a while back I had a bug that could allow cities to get to zero streets in odd cases where the OSM records were deleted. That’s been resolved for a while now, so I’ll have to take another look to see how it came back.


Thank you for looking into it

Back like magic!

I think I have the same issue for Jeffersontown, KY. I have completed 280 streets, but it is showing on my profile as 0% complete. When I go to the map, the red nodes in Jeffersontown do not show up. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting … the sync running now should sort it out.

For anyone else experiencing this issue - please share a link to the city & I’ll fix it up.

Seems like Olathe, KS may have a similar issue? It used to be my highest city and have waaaay more streets. My nodes aren’t showing up with the magnifying glass either?

Yeah, same thing - see how it notes “60 of 0 streets”? The key piece is that “0 streets” part. I just started a resync for Olathe which should fix it up.

For anyone else experiencing this issue - please share a link to the city & I’ll fix it up.

Heya thanks! It’s closer (it says 60 of 1236 streets for Olathe) and my nodes are back but it still says 0% for Olathe and most recent runs say 0 completed / 0 progressed but I ran in a new area for me, so there should be something.


Yeah, I didn’t mention - it’ll take some time to fully reprocess the data.

For recording purposes (since you already answered my DM…thanks!), Springfield Township in Bucks Co, PA. Springfield Township, Pennsylvania - CityStrides

Oh, is this what’s happened to Balfron, Scotland? Balfron, Scotland - CityStrides

Yeah :slightly_frowning_face:
I’ve updated all cities that have people running them but zero streets so they’ll be first in line for the next wave of city updates. This should fix things up, but I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of how it’s clearing streets in the first place.

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Yesterday, I have walked in a zero-street city, and today the streets are back and counted properly :+1: It seems to have done the trick!