Alaska Towns/Cities?

it doesn’t seem like there are many “cities” in Alaska.

Is it a lack of OSM data? Different import levels from the OSM data? Too small?

Just wondering if I am going to have streets to run when I go for a visit when I venture outside of Anchorage.

Hm, yeah, barely anything at admin level 8:

Nearly full coverage at admin level 6, though:

You might have to click the top left Run button to see the results.

Some of those 6 areas are huge…. Hhmmm

Looks like level 6 areas are counties/boroughs

I haven’t looked at many, but what keeps an entity like Seward from getting pulled in the query? it is a level 8 admin boundary but doesn’t show up in CS or in the query link…

Alright, I probably don’t want to import those :sweat_smile:

Ugh, it’s a Way record not a Relation. My code only picks up Relation records. I’ve been meaning to figure out if it’s a simple change to include Way records as well… It does look like I’ll need to be a bit careful - there are some odd records returned in that:

Alaska is kind of a strange bird in a lot of ways geographically, so “odd records” aren’t all that surprising.

That collection of level 8 “way” records looks pretty good for most of the areas I zoomed in on. It picks up a LOT of the villages/towns/cities across the state Like Nome, Seward, Homer, , albeit some of them are pretty small. Small communities are the norm for most of the state, although I see there are a couple that aren’t actual areas.

What about Wasilla and Palmer?

I am by no means a local (Ohio boy here) but Juneau might be a rare level 6 that should be brought in. It is the state capitol after all. :grin: :classical_building:

I must have just gotten ‘lucky’ in the first Way I clicked: Way: 32972991 | OpenStreetMap
But, at least for that one, I can adjust the query to only collect records with a name:

I’ll also have to ignore anything with a waterway tag, since Way: ‪Station Creek‬ (‪455230196‬) | OpenStreetMap came through. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Yep, that helped:

Wasilla & Palmer did come through in so I’m not sure why they’re missing in CityStrides. I can add them.

Yeah, good call on Juneau as well.

What is interesting about that one is that there is also a relation associated with it at level 8 that isn’t in CityStrides. I wonder how many of the level 8 relations didn’t make it through for some reason…

I like it. It may not be Perfect™ but it seems to grab the right type of stuff

There are always going to be node v relation problems but we have known that for as long as you’ve been doing this I think


  • Adak
  • Atka
  • Cordova
  • Craig
  • Gambell
  • Kaktovik
  • Ketchikan
  • Klawock
  • Saxman
  • Unalakleet

I’ve just imported all of these. Progress is being calculated now.

setting all theoreticals aside and getting to the selfish request :wink:

In addition to Anchorage, I will be visiting Seward, AK and Talkeetna, AK the first week of June and I’d love to have some nodes to check off while there.

Anchorage, I can do with no extra effort. The other two are Way records, not Relation records, so I would need to figure that out in a way that also works with the existing automatic global update process.

It would be best for me if those were ‘converted’ to Relations (or whatever the underlying process is to make a Relation available), but I know most stuff in OSM becomes A Whole Thing™ so I don’t know if that’s ultimately possible.

Juneau would be wonderful! I don’t understand any of the above thread about way, relation, etc. But I’m in Juneau and having nodes would be great!

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Administrative boundaries mapped as ways rather than relations are wrong, plain and simple (for specific technical reasons related to inners and outers) and need to be corrected.