Advice on editing or not editing -busy no sidewalk highway overpass

So, in my town, there is one particular road I am dreading of completing. It’s a 45-50mph 4 lane highway cloverleaf with no sidewalks and a LOT of traffic. It is not reasonable for it to count as a road open for foot traffic. However I am not convinced on the idea of editing it in OSM because I am not sure how that will affect the rest of the world (google etc.) that relies on these maps.

What is the consensus on this type of situation? Should I just wait and run it at 6am on a Sunday or something. Or is it fair to remove foot access on OSM?

If it’s dangerous, then editing to mark it as not accessible by foot (is that “foot=no”?) seems reasonable. If that’s wrong, I’m sure someone will comment on the edit or change it to the correct tag - OSM editors are quite the observant & particular group. :sweat_smile:

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Yes I tend to agree. I’ve never seen anybody walking this road so I’m going to edit it. Perhaps somebody from my city will message me on osm if they disagree.

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I have found quite a few dual carriageways in my local area that had been set with foot=not specified. I hadn’t spotted any of them pulling through here on CS but have been changing quite a few to foot=no as when I was plotting routes on another site, it kept trying to send me down them so would definitely agree changing them is the right action not only for CS but further afield as well.

Before CS had OSM updates synced, I had a number of these that I did as you suggested and ran at 6a on a Sunday when traffic wasn’t bad. Now, the key for me has been if there is a wide enough shoulder to safely run on… it’s those 45-50mph roads with no shoulder and dips into a steep ditch that I cringe at. For me, those aren’t highway type of roads, but are usually at the outskirts of a city that hasn’t been fully developed yet, so I don’t want to mark it as foot=no.

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