Adventures in OpenStreetMap

Today I’m planning on adding a bridge to OpenStreetMap that’s very new. How new? New enough that it doesn’t show up on the aerial photographs that appear on the edit window. (Today is the first day it’s open.) Instead, I was going to base the addition on a gpx track that I was going to make at lunch.

I just spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to get a gpx track to show up on the edit screen so I have a good baseline for the addition.


Just drag the gpx file to the edit window in the browser. No fancy commands. Nothing.

This will make my other OSM edits much easier, too. (I’ve generally been making at least one correction per week based on my runs and walks.)


(I doubt I’ll get any nodes for this now. But when the CS maps are updated…)


This section of the wiki might help anyone interested in editing OSM via GPS tracking: Recording GPS tracks - OpenStreetMap Wiki


@fredrik.coulter Very cool, and good to know. I had been wondering about GPX files and OSM. Also, thanks for the link @JamesChevalier.

Great tip to know, thanks for sharing @fredrik.coulter

Running #everysinglestreet in Liverpool I’m coming across loads of errors - new roads that are missing, old roads that no longer exist, inaccessible footpaths due to alley gates, and incorrect road names. I’m trying my best to correct them all after each run.