Additional Router Features

Elevation - The grasshopper API mentions elevation so maybe possible? Beneficial for judging how hilly a planed route would be. If we were able to see elevation profile that showed where hills are, :metal: :clap:

Strava Example - Profile at bottom

Straight line distance - When switching to straight line mode (ex: when you know a shortcut, hop a fence, etc), the straight line distance is not counted. In most instances the straight line distance is short before jumping back to snap mode but perhaps there are some that build mainly in straight line mode

Example: See the distance increase when selecting the first non-start position. Then switch to straight line and after clicks distance stays the same.


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I’ll poke around at adding another button to show/hide the elevation detail, with straight-line sections set to 0, and hopefully overlaying that along the bottom of the map (probably the piece I’m most concerned about; the map containers are pretty different between desktop & mobile).

It should have already been doing this - I missed a small piece of code, though. The next release will include this fix.


Wow, and I was going to say no hill ever stopped me from going after a node… But @JamesChevalier did it again. Great work!