Ability to add waypoints to Route

I’ll add another one here - ability to create visible nodes or waypoints within the route, other than the start/end waypoints. The reason is that since Strava and CS use the same OSM backend, I have been making routes to run and try to get course records on segments in my area, many of which are arbitrarily marked trails. If I could see on my route where the segment begins and ends that would be super helpful - right now I am switching back and forth between Strava and CS apps.

Hhmmm, this could go either way re: difficulty. I’ll think on it a bit.
(decided to move this to its own post, since that makes things way easier for me to manage)


I have not been using the route builder very much, as I’m more of a paper map guy… And my wife gets into making the route… On the walks… But waypoints sound good. Going to show the wife the route builder and see if she embraces it.