Adding MapMyRun link

Apologies if I’m being dumb, but I’m trying to add my MapMyRun account (I already have Strava and Garmin linked to CS) but when I click the “Connect” button next to mapmyrun (from within CityStrides) I get an error message:

I’d forgotted about mmr for ages and now realise I’ve got some old runs in there which I’d like to add in to CS.
I had a search in the forum but I could spot any obvious answers. Any tips greatfully received.

I may have just fixed this. Can you try that ‘Connect’ button again and let me know if it works out?

I recently made some security updates which required changes to these sign in links and I missed the links on the settings page.

Many thanks - now when I click the box it has connected. It’ll be interesting to see what I’d forgotten about in MapMyRun! Thanks again :+1: