Adding live crumb trail for node hunting

When node hunting dense areas it would be great to see a crumb trail to help hitting all the nodes. For instance in places like here:

Basically it means updating the map view while running but that is not possible under current workflow as the map view is taken from Garmin and such after finishing your run.

As node map is a subscription option, live updates of your run should be the a subscription feature as well.

Interesting idea. I have seen mentioned before, the idea of 3rd party apps, for planning “node runs.” I recall several mapping options were mentioned, but I don’t recall if integration into CityStrides was ever mentioned. A search may find that info.

I like the idea, but I don’t think I would ever use it. I do most of my route planning beforehand (and bring printed maps*), and might occasionally check to make sure I’m getting the nodes.

Which makes me think, there might have been an idea for an app that would alert you when you were near a node… Kind of like a radar screen.

Well I’ll vote, as I would be inclined to try it, but it might not fit in with my style… As most of the places I am gathering nodes are pretty simple.

’ * A recent area I’m working on (walking with my wife), Lipan, Texas, has very poor cell coverage on my network.

It wouldn’t work on a Garmin device. It only connects to the internet at the completion of an activity.

Unless you did something with Live Tracking, but many people don’t use Live Tracking. I only do so that my wife knows I haven’t died.


Good idea indeed, live tracking. I use it for same purposes, sharing with my wife. Also saves writing nodes that I went for a run or ride :wink:

I do the mapping on forehand indeed and use my watch for directions. This works fine for straight long roads but not so well for the rural areas with tons of nodes close to each other.

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yep: live track for the misses. But she doesn’t like this new tech.
I plan beforehand also, but nowadays i use rungo. Very good with audio support