Add Townships in Michigan

I live in West Michigan, and see all the townships on the East side of the state are in citystrides. How can I get West Michigan’s townships added?

I keep a Missing/Broken Cities Tracker document in Google docs for people to request missing cities. That’s good/useful for one-off requests, but for requests like yours - for West Michigan’s townships - this is probably the best way to request them. It would be way too much wasted effort to go list them all in that doc.

Can you share a couple city links for the comparable East side townships? This might help me figure out an efficient way to bring in more/all townships.

Yes, thanks for your help! Here are a couple: Rose Township, Michigan - CityStrides Van Buren Township, Michigan - CityStrides. I think you’re also helping my running partner @lisa.barrett with Gaines and Byron Townships specifically. :slight_smile:

Hi James, any update on this topic?