Add to featured Challenges

Not sure what qualify as featured, but why is Challenge: 2022 streets in 2022 - CityStrides not in there?
It has almost 100 participants.

The featured challenges are (currently) just the monthly AMSAP challenges, the yearly Global Running Day, and the yearly (yet-to-be-announced) Nodevember. I need to review my code to determine whether it’s safe to mark challenges that I didn’t create as featured, and I’d also want to adjust its dates - it’s currently Dec 31 2021 to Jan 1 2023, which I don’t agree with.
I like the idea of a year-long featured challenge, so I’ll get in touch with the person who created it.

“Nodevember” - It’s either @JamesChevalier is refusing to any dev work that month, or the highest number of nodes. I’m guessing the former :slight_smile: