Add the ability to friend/follow other runners

Some people have requested the ability to follow other runners. I’m not sure if the ‘feed’ would contain all of the activities (which might contain street progress/completion), or if it would just contain the street progress/completion alerts, or if there’s something else everyone has in mind.

Additionally, I’m not sure if people would want to be able to post general status updates into that feed, or if it should just be for notifications.

I’d love feedback on this idea… It’s a big one & needs to be done right.

That would be a cool way to keep an eye on the competition!!!

-Keep the dashboard the way it is now but at the option at the top to switch between “me” and “following”.
-Add options for people to “like” and comment on other people’s activities

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This “friend” feature is coming soon. I’m strongly considering removing the privacy option for “Friends” in the Privacy section of the Settings page and instead having friend requests come with the expectation of sharing information.

The options would change to:

  • public
    • if you accept a friend request from someone, nothing changes
  • private
    • if you accept a friend request from someone, they can now see your account as if you were public
  • per activity
    • if you accept a friend request from someone, they can now see your account as if you were public

I can’t think of a reason you would request/accept friendship with someone and not want to show them anything. I also can’t think of features that I could build that would benefit from that relationship.
I figured I’d share here before making the change, just in case anyone has another helpful perspective.

(Anyone who is currently set to “Friends” would be changed to “private” since that’s effectively what it is right now)


Just saw a “Friend” button when looking at other striders - is this new/live?

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It works “well enough” to release the bits that I’ve built out so far - basically just friend request/accept/deny, with some not-great friend activity displayed on the logged-in homepage. I still have a bit more work to do before it’s worth announcing it properly.

  • probably changing the privacy settings a bit (see my previous post :point_up: )
  • rework what’s displayed on the logged-in homepage to be actually useful and nice to look at
  • notifications around friend request activity
  • probably some form of friend listing on each person’s profile
  • either some additional “friends” lists in pages throughout the site (city/challenge/street pages, etc) or figuring out some potentially gnarly database queries that allows me to display friends inline in the existing lists (leaning towards the former, because it’s easier :sweat_smile: )
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I got plenty of FB friends from high school like that.

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I think I can understand that from a generic social network perspective, where you “have to” accept a friend request but you don’t actually want to share anything with them. I’m unsure if that perspective carries over into target-based fitness apps … but the fact that I’m questioning it means that someone is going to complain :laughing:
I’m still seriously considering the “accepting friend requests opens up privacy” approach, maybe with confirmations that are similar to what you see when deleting items - “Are you sure? This will share your information with them”

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I think it makes sense that friend status should enable activity sharing. CS doesn’t have posts, messaging or other stuff, so sharing activities is pretty much the only way to connect with others. If that feature is left out there is not much left of the friends concept.