Add tagged activity from Strava

I’m not sure how the Strava app handles tagged activities(and how City Strides interprets them), but I went for a run with someone and forgot my watch. The run shows up for me in Strava (as I was added to the activity), but it wasnt pulled in to my CityStrides account. Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

My thought on this is that you will need the GPX file from the activity.
The person that did the recording will need to, on the activity, click the 3 dots (next to edit), and export GPX.
They will need to send (email) you the file, then, on your Strava page, you can click the Add Activity button (+), then “Upload Activity”. Select the GPX file that was sent to you.
That should work, but I’ve never tried it.

PS. I suspect CS only imports activities that you record, not ones you are added to.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot and share back the result.

You are welcome.

Just had second thought… If the person lets you log into their account, you can skip the need to have it sent to you. :wink:

So what worked for me was uploading the .gpx file to Garmin, and then in CityStrides going to Settings > Activity Trackers > Select Garmin Activity date and entering the date. Uploading the .gpx file in Strava didn’t work, but alas - success!