Add Streets to City

My city currently has 0 streets, is it possible for me to help populate my city?

Share a link please
I may be able to fix it

Thanks James!

Bolingbrook, Illinois

OK, streets are being generated for Bolingbrook now :+1:

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That’s awesome! Thanks @JamesChevalier

Hi @JamesChevalier
Could you also populate the streets for Bethesda, MD?

Hi @JamesChevalier
I second the request for populating the streets in Bethesda, Maryland. Like my brother, I am also running it and there are no streets or nodes. Thanks

Yeah, something is up with my self-hosted Overpass server (how I get the OSM data) and it’s not returning streets for that city. It’s in my list, though - I will be able to bring those streets in.