Add Second Level Divisions of cities (Boroughs/Districts/Bezirks)

Hi there,

I live in Berlin, and the sheer geographic size is largely too much for me to run all 11,500 streets in 950km^2, but I do have goals of running every street in my district (there are 12 in the city so think of them as first level subdivisions like boroughs, arrondissments).

My proposal would be that boroughs/arrondissments and any first level subdivisions of cities are added, nested into their parent city.

Proposed example user flow:

User clicks on New York City and progress bar for the boroughs shows up on existing city page (I.e everything else remains the same, progress bars are placed between map and street list). Boroughs are clickable, which brings you to a borough page that is the same as the city page but only for the specific borough.

Thoughts? I think this would be a great feature for us city slickers.

And of course, want to thank you for the site, it’s given me something to do when I’m not training for a race :slight_smile:

The most important issue is whether those second level divisions exist in OpenStreetMap. If they do, then James is already doing something equivalent in other cities. But if they don’t exist in OSM, then James has nothing to work with.

Do you know if the boundaries of those areas are in OSM, and what administrative level they are? (I’ve now told you everything I know about boundaries in OSM.)

Yes, for Germany at least they’re in administrative level 9 (with another subdivision below it at 10 which would be neat but not needed): Source, only in German unfortunately: DE:Grenze - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Berlin districts have already been added to the Missing Cities spreadsheet, it’s just a question of running it through the process…

@8f7162110d9eeaf907ab, do you know how long that typically takes? I’m excited to see what my district looks like :slight_smile:

Second level divisions are a fairly new feature (“nested cities”), I think how quickly a city gets new levels depends mainly on how vocally you request it and how busy @JamesChevalier is with other stuff :laughing:. An issue that might be keeping some of the cities on the list on hold is that the number of Bezirke (between 10-20 typically) would end up cluttering the profile screens without some form of grouping, but asking for a city explicitly might override that. Best to ask James directly, his community response is amazing.