Add patches to merch store

Merch suggestion: Can we get CS patches to add to our favorite running hat/shirt, etc.

Moved to a new post in Ideas since it’ll help me gauge wider interest.

It looks like the service I use for LifeMap Posters offers patches. So, I’d have to either build something out or otherwise take orders for these separately from the merch store.

They offer 3.5" x 2.25" rectangle patches (full logo) and 3" circular patches (icon logo), but their pricing seems a bit high. That’s probably since they’re creating them on-demand as opposed to requiring me to buy hundreds and then do the legwork of selling/shipping.

Does the sizing sound right? What kind of pricing would you expect?

I was wanting a small patch like the logo above our name on the homepage, probably smaller than indicated above. I also like the idea of the circle you mentioned above. $5/each?

If it’s possible, I’d love a patch that says a city name and indicates “100” or “100%” somewhere. Basically a patch for completing a city. It could be very similar to the existing “100” badge, but it would be great if the city name could be on there too.

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