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I particularly enjoyed this event last year and hope that we set a few new records as a running community (million street mark, over 100 countries, etc.). I was wondering if there maybe any interest in seeing which countries and cities where run in 2022 and now in 2023. Maybe links to a list on the event page that could reveal this info? Not sure how much work that entails or if I am the only one :crazy_face:/:nerd_face:.

To give some background to you and anyone reading along:

There are a few special Challenges I’ve set up that stand out … They each have a Challenge page as well as a standalone page that is a little more “storytelling” than the strict data-driven Challenge pages. These pages also update live (no refreshing necessary) as activities are marked as completing streets, while the event is ongoing.

I didn’t include Nightmare RUN in this setup, because I want to change that up a bit each year & I need to see how that plays out.

The past events are condensed down to a fairly simple one-liner for the previous year and then a list of links for years before that (there were none, this is all fairly new).

It sounds like you want a bit more detail on the previous year(s) beyond the existing people/streets/cities/countries stats. Are you looking for another visual, similar to the current year’s map view (maybe a static image)?

I don’t find the actual Challenge pages e.g. this year’s Nodevember very compelling, but they were improved a bit with the ability of Supporters to toggle other people’s LifeMap. I do need to fix that display so it filters their LifeMap to the dates of the Challenge, though - right now it’s just showing their full history.
It’s useful to see your own progressed/completed streets, but the overall page isn’t very fun/exciting/motivating.

Can you talk more about the changes you’d like to see in either the event page or the actual challenge page?

My idea really was to see what countries where ran on the event page. Maybe a map of the world with countries in different colors that took part in the event, and when zoomed into a particular country, the cities that had activites pop up (the name of the city, not individual activities). Or even simply just a spreadsheet when one presses on the number icon under the countries/cities category.

I do especially like the live updates on the event page.

Unfortunately, I am not that creative, and was looking for an easy way to retrieve the info and nerd out :laughing:.

I think I’m starting to understand how Nodevember - CityStrides doesn’t fully provide this for you. We can view the map on that page and see exact numbers for some places like 7 people in Iceland as of now. It gets much more difficult in other larger countries and at the city level e.g. “How many people are in Boston?”

I’ll think of some ways that I can include interactivity in the map that links out to text on the page. I have no idea how difficult it would be, but my first idea is clicking on the map & it figuring out that you clicked the US & having some stats be displayed below the map for people/streets in the US.

For you or anyone else reading along, I think the most helpful info for me on this idea is the answer to: What questions are you thinking of that are not answered by the current map, or are very difficult to answer with the current map?

I did not realize that the current map was doing what I essentially was asking for. I thought is was showing the live updates for that day and that it was not permanent. How embarrassing :flushed: on my part :rofl:.

I do like your idea of more stats (ex. Streets ran in a designated area/country) for an interactive map. It could generate a little more friendly competition amongst fellow citystriders.

Either way, thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this site. It definitely helps make runs more enjoyable.

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