Add hiking trails

No, wandrer uses the way ID from OSM, then calculates what percentage you have completed of each way, then aggregates this for all ways in your city. The number of streets/roads/ways is not used at all, just the percentage of distance completed. I know since I managed to reach 100% of my home town in wandrer😁
So of course some kind of similar logic could be used for CS. And note that this does not only cover trails, also unnamed service roads, cycleways etc


I have often pondered what would happen, when a name is not present on an otherwise valid way (in the CS sense), if the ID# of the way was used instead? Sure, it’s a long number, but at least it’s unique. :wink:

One problem I could see, if a long, unnamed, way was made up of many shorter ways, CS would not know they are the same way… But in reality, it’s not that big of a deal, since we are after the nodes on the ways.

I like seeing this being talked about again.

I call road mapping “heatmapping” and I know they call trail mapping “redlining”. Would be cool to see node hunter show trails a different color and see percentage of trails complete for towns. I always try to run every trail I run into when doing the roads. Its fun when I accidentally run into some trails and throw my road mapping plan out the window to map the trails. Though I’m also trying to redline the high peaks in the Adirondacks now and would love to also see how Im doing against others up there to keep it fun.


Maybe CS will need a “super hard” mode :grimacing: if trails are included!


I am personally indifferent to including trails. But, the site motto is Run. Every. Street. :slight_smile:

I do have a pretty strong preference that stats for completion of trails be segregated from streets. Trail running is in many ways quite a different discipline. For myself, I would rather track progress on streets and trails independently.

I’m not sure that “all trails in a given city” is the right metric. I’m not sure if it is possible with OSM, but the equivalent of “administrative region” for trails seems like it wouldn’t be “city”.

Last thought: If all the work to implement and maintain trails functionality ends up being at the expense of making/keeping the city streets functionality top-notch, I would be against it.

As always, James, big thanks for all your work here. I especially appreciate your asking all of us for our input!


I love this idea! I’d like to see hiking trails added. While we’re add it, can Cross Country skiing be something that shows up when synced via Strava?