Add a route suggestion feature

Either automatically provide a route that completes more streets, or provide a route based on some selected streets that I would like to run.

We should be able to limit the route based on selected mileage.


I had been using an Android app to plot a route and have it tell me when to turn (since Runkeeper routes apparently don’t have any such feature), but it quickly got too clunky when I missed turns or wasn’t sure due to GPS issues.

Now I plan using Runkeeper’s routes feature, but don’t actually use the route in the app. Rather I print a map on physical paper and run with that. It’s been great, and saved me when my phone died. Note I would have done this in plain Google Maps, but it only supports a certain number of destinations or manually changed points, and it’s very frustrating when the points get reset.

Of course an automatically generated route would be cool! I’ve made a lot of headway with the printed maps though!


It would be really great if the route suggestion feature has the option to save the route as a gpx-file, so I can load it onto my watch.


It might be even cooler if it talked to the Garmin Connect app/web site you didn’t need to import anything.

I’m not sure what the Garmin Connect API looks like, or even if they publish it.

There is no automatic way to generate a route at the moment, but James seems to be really interested by the algorithm.
But it is possible to build a route following all the connected streets of an area.

To generate a gpx file, you have to download your city streets in an GIS editor, opensource QGIS submitting an OSM query like citystrides do.
After that, you select the area you want to run and call a plugin called CPP solver that solves the route optimization problem.
Then upload the gpx route to your watch app like I do

(see also Chinese Postman Solver discussion)

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currently, I plan my routes with Strava by looking in citystrides which streets I have not yet made (red node). I export as a gpx file and then load it into my watch.
If the route could already be exportable from citystrides it would be perfect!

It would be great if there was a route creator you could use to map you route out on the map while you can see the street (purple lines) you’ve already completed. Now I toggle back in forth between Citystrides township map and mapmyrun or strava to set up my running route for that activity.

:+1: I merged your post into the ongoing thread … there’s also Chinese Postman Problem Solver that pairs well :smile:

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Probably better luck with uploading to Strava with their API, Garmin is a pain