Activity shows on LifeMap but different from single view

This isn’t as simple as a missing activity so I’m starting a new topic - never seen this one before! It appears to be a problem with a single street, Edgewood Terrace in Hadley.

I already deleted and re-synced the activity from Runkeeper (Hilary Caws-Elwitt's Activities - Runkeeper if that helps, I know it’s not public), and I actually did it again after editing the run to also include part of Woodlawn Rd (this was a Runkeeper crash that I had to fix). The truly strange part is that the new line on Woodlawn shows on my LifeMap, but Edgewood still doesn’t. Is there possibly something weird in the Runkeeper activity itself?

  • Edgewood does appear in my completed streets
  • Node hunter doesn’t show any red nodes (note that Edgewood just has one node, at the end of the street)

I guess it’s just a cosmetic issue, and I can live with it. But maybe it reveals some kind of underlying bug, or informs something I should do differently when needing to edit Runkeeper…

This is an issue I’ve been trying to get help with for some months. It seems like PostGIS, the database extension that provides the geolocation queries, is truncating data in some cases. Specifically, it seems to be extremely simple/short “out-and-back” situations where there’s a single geographic coordinate at the far end of the path and nothing in-between. This only occurs in the code that builds the LifeMap, which is why the individual activity is drawn correctly on the map.

It is just cosmetic, because the individual activity data is what’s processed & the actual stored data is correct. It’s just the translation of it into the version used for the LifeMap that gets truncated in some specific spots.

I’ve explained the issue in depth here, if you/anyone is interested in the nerdy details: postgresql - Does ST_AsMVTGeom/ST_AsMVT truncate data, or is my query wrong? - Database Administrators Stack Exchange