Activity progress seems wrong

Hi, It’s not that the activity is missing but the street count is way off. It says I have 11 completed streets, and just from looking at the route I can see it should be over 20. I’m not sure how to fix this or if it will fix itself? thanks.
May 1 run is at CityStrides

Your activity seems to be set to private, so we can’t see it

I think I changed the profile of 1 May to everyone. Try now. Thanks.

What streets do you think should have been marked as completed?
I took a very quick look and found that Flowering Water Trail was already completed in 2014 - wondering if that’s the case for the others.

Okay. I understand. I thought because I started a challenge, it would complete the streets during the timeframe of the challenge. I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t count them as new if I had ever run them. Except that I don’t remember this happening for other runs this year. Thank you though.

Challenges do have their own progress - so streets you’ve already completed e.g. in 2014 will be marked as completed within the Challenge if you complete it today (and the Challenge’s timeframe covers today).

Challenge progress is entirely within the Challenge page, and your individual activities will display your life-long progress.

It’s an interesting idea to include Challenge-specific progress on each Activity page, though…