Activity not providing progress

Hi, sorry to be a pain i completed this activity last Tuesday Patrick Hollins's activity on February 22, 2022 - CityStrides , it didn’t show progress or completion of any roads. I waited a week to report incase the sync just needed to catch up, but my most recent activity has shown up fine with this one activity still being 0.

Is there any way i can manually force this one to re-sync or do i have to report this when it happens?

Thanks for all your support, so far joining strides has ramped up my mileage immensely!

Just a fellow strider, but it looks to me like CS did an incomplete import.

I think you can delete the activity in CS and once that is complete either do a single activity sync or the next time it syncs it should re-load.

@JamesChevalier will correct me if I am wrong, for sure :wink: