Activity 0 Completed 0 Progressed

Hi, I’ve been really enjoying CityStrides since I started with it earlier this week, and have been having fun exploring my local area.

I went on a walk this afternoon and the map has synced perfectly, but the completed and progressed streets haven’t synced properly - they’re both on 0 at the moment. A number of the roads I went down were new ones for me, so there should be a few completed and progressed roads.

Is there anything I can do to get the progress logged?

Thanks in advance

There is a time lag, so it takes a little longer for these numbers to show up. I can now see 13 completed and 20 progressed street for your activity

Ah that’s great - thanks! Good to know. All my other activities were up super fast, so I thought there might have been a problem. Great to see all’s fine.

Have a great day.