Activities per city


When you click on a city you could get an additonal tab along Streets/Striders that list all activities that went throught said city.
In this tab, same as with the streets we could show/hide activities to make the map more readable (when you have 50+ runs in the same city :laughing:).
We already have all the activities displayed on the right with the map/lifemap but you have to click on each one if you want the details, this would help review/analyse our runs.

Similar idea suggested in the past with no reply

Thanks for reading!

It would be kinda cool to see how many activities it took to finish a city… In fact it could be a whole other leaderboard. Fewest / most activities to finish a city.

I always thought it would be cool to have a distance metric associated with each city. In this case, all the activities for a city would have their miles, or Ks, added up. The leaderboard for fewest / most miles/Ks to finish a city.


Yes exactly! Getting kilometers/runs per city would be a cool stat.


The stat would be cool, but I think it would have to ignore (not calculate in total) runs that didn’t progress any streets. Before attempting to complete streets, I have quite a few runs in a couple of cities I have finished that I running trails or doing group runs that were pretty much the same routes.

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