Activities not synching from Map My Run for last 5 days

Activities haven’t synched for five days. Is this a general problem or specific to me?

Profile link: Lyle Clugg - CityStrides

It’s kind of just you…

CityStrides needs to continuously renew connections to MapMyFitness. It does a decently good job of this, but sometimes the connection is lost. When that happens, an email is sent to you (check your spam folder, I guess) and the connection is paused.
To fix the connection, you must log out of CityStrides & log back in, then unpause the connection in your Settings page. After that’s done, new activities will automatically sync in & I can queue up a sync to bring in the missing activities.

Let me know after you’ve been able to do this.

I think I’m having the same issue. I haven’t used City Strides in some months, but am now back at it. Activity for the last few weeks is not showing up. I’ve tried pausing, unpausing, logging out, logging in… so far, no update to my map. Is there something else that I should do? Thanks so much!

Did you ever get your account to sync? Mine has been running well since I paused and unpaused the Map my Fitness connection.

Thanks for checking back - I just looked again and it looks all synced up. Yay!