Activities not receiving progress updates

I walked/run a few streets in St. Andrews but no streets are been completed???

Can you share a link to an activity or two that you expected to complete or progress streets?


For example en there a more of them…

You did not link to an activity, you linked to the homepage, which looks different for different users. FWIW your activities might be set to private so we cannot see them. On the profile page you linked, the last activity I see is from 5 June 2021. You can change the visibility of a certain activity by pressing the edit button on the activity’s CS page.

The link was correct, but the forum decides to do weird things when a link is placed on its own line vs on the same line as other text :person_shrugging:
It is a private activity, but I can assess the data directly e.g. get counts of nearby nodes etc.

Thanks, I’ll let you know what I find out.

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St. Andrews Scotland is not in CityStrides. It only exists in OpenStreetMap as a node Node: ‪St Andrews‬ (‪21511530‬) | OpenStreetMap and it needs to exist as a relation or way (a shape, rather than a single point) in order to usable in CityStrides.
It’s already in the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker, so it’s up to someone who’s good at OSM editing to create that.