Activities have not sync'd from Strava

Hi, I’m just new and have connect my Strava account, but I don’t see any activities sync’d across to CityStrides. I don’t know if there is a delay or if it takes a number of hours? I connected and started a manual sync about 3 hours ago.

Thanks for the cool services.


Sorry for the terrible first experience :sweat_smile: you happen to join during a server failure :scream:
I’ve just resolved that, so things should start working properly over the next few hours.


lol… that was poor timing on my point :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update… and server fix

I can see that my Strava history has syncronised across, but when I look at my home city (Amsterdam, NL), I can only see the GPS plot from the marathon route last year, yet I’ve run many times on these street since then. My Strava account is private - does this matter? (I don’t like having my training public)

Privacy isn’t a factor.

If you visit some activity pages, do they have maps?