Active Striders per city

Would it be possible to add some sort of indication that a strider (public or private) is making progress in cities you’ve run in?

If a strider has at least 1 new street in city X in the previous month, they would get a purple superscript “ACTIVE” attached to their name on the city page.

I’m currently striding in 3 areas (1 of which is unincorporated and doesn’t “count”) and I’d like to know if anyone is catching up to me on the leaderboards so I can focus on those areas.

It would also enable me to contact those individuals to let them know of obstacles/loose dogs/places to park/etc

You just compulsively check citystrides and check the profiles of other striders in your cities, right? Check what runs they’re doing? I’m not the only one, am I?

Just kidding, I like the idea!


I actually created a local facebook group for our area. We have almost 40 Striders in it. Its been great for sharing problem streets and stories. @ktarullo is our OSM expert and we crowd source all the bad roads to update which help future striders.

It would definitely be nice to find other ways to connect with local striders.


The thing with “placing” is, in the current form, once you 100% you are #1 and so will any other folks that reach 100%. So, in the current process we are all the same rank at 100%. I understand what you want, and would really like to think that @JamesChevalier could come up with a who got 100% first, second, third…so on, and maybe keep track of how many times someone got to 100% :expressionless:

The issue though is this, when new roads get added to a city and everyone drops from 100% then another person beats out the previous first 100% person… We have a local city where we have a strider that has completed it “first” 7 or 8 times because of new “roads” constantly being updated/added.


That’s a good idea! I don’t use Facebook but maybe I could set up a Strava group for it.

Aside from the competitive nature of my original post, I’d love to be able to locate loose dogs, safe places to park, bad node data, etc and have others share their input as well.

I live in a tourist/snow bird town so a lot of the striders in my local cities aren’t actually here much.

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Yeah it would be nice if we could leave notes on cities or streets in CityStrides too. Like being able to put notes on manual completions and why (like it needs an OSM update or whatever).

If someone used route builder it could show you any notes on streets or cities that the route crosses (or you could just see them right on the street or city)