Acitivity shows streets as progressed when they are completed

New user here (although I create my account a long time ago!) I’m uploading runs and I’ve noticed that some recent activities report 0 completed streets, there are all in progress. I look at the in progress street and all the nodes are green. What happened?

Side note: Look at Cherry Ct and zoom out the map. It looks like there are two streets with the same name in San Jose, CA? How does that work to complete the street? Thanks.

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Hi, the activity is likely still processing - give it some more time and the streets should become complete. The approximate delay times can be viewed on the status page.

If a city has two streets with the same name, CS treats it as one street and it’ll mark complete when it is all done.


Ah, ok. Will do that. It’s been 5 hours and still the same, I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks!

Hi @pedronavf , I see that the runs for this activity have now processed as completed streets.
Was curious about Cherry Court, and @tkajstura is right, CityStrides groups the two together and only recognizes them as one street.

Here’s a bit more information about how that works.
This section below is from a Wiki page that is all About the Node, Street and City Data:

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Thanks for the help and the links!. It was at first a bit confusing for a newbie, but now that I know and understand the processing times everything makes sense.


How long does the processing for completed streets take in comparison to the progressed streets?

On the above activity I have 34 progressed streets and 0 completed, and it’s been like this for many days now. I have a more recent activity that has processed the completed streets correctly, so it may be that this activity has just gone wrong somehow?

Weird. I started a reprocess - let me know if that helps.
(Is it possible that you didn’t complete streets?)

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The reprocessing has worked - 27 streets completed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to instigate a reprocessing on my end (to save you the trouble, James)? My last 4 activites should have a couple dozen ‘progressed’ streets turn over into ‘completed,’ but it’s been week and no dice.

It’s not a real problem, just want to avoid doubling up streets on future runs if I can help it!

I think I only give myself that option. It’s just a click, though, not a lot of effort. :smile:

Share your activity links and I’ll run the reprocess.

(I’ve had a few requests for this, so I think Something Happened to cause some activities to not be fully processed)