Access = permit

I have got a bit of an issue with the “streets” within a religious complex which is only accessible through a security gate. in other words, random Striders can’t just wander in for a run to collect the nodes!

Way History: ‪Mahmood Avenue‬ (‪956640188‬) | OpenStreetMap is an example of the one of the roads.

At various times mappers have reset the access from private to “permit” which unfortunately CS seems to treat as publically accessible. Seeing these roads came through on the Waverley update today I reverted the access back to private but I both need to “wait” another month for them to disappear on CS and/or we may have the access being reset again.

Now permit says Tag:access=permit - OpenStreetMap Wiki and I can sort of see why mappers may use this tag as presume those wanting to go to the Mosque here will ask for permission to enter the site. That’s somewhat different to an area that is really accessible but you are advised to formally seek permission to use it. Either way I don’t think such streets should be on CS.

For reference here is the latest Street View of the security gate to enter here

Hope you agree streets in such areas aren’t ones we should be including here.

I have “done” this city (well bar the odd “new” actual public ones that appears) but clearly I can’t really do these ones.

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