Ability to locate source activity by clicking line on lifetime map

This might be somewhat more complicated. When inspecting my lifetime map, there are plenty of horridly jagged runs due to GPS issues. If I wanted to fix this (and I am undecided about this, as I hate to edit history), I would have to manually click on each of potentially hundreds of activities in Runkeeper to locate the route in question, and then edit it in Runkeeper, and then delete it on CityStrides (I had surmised this is possible, but I’m not seeing a way to do it on the profile or individual activity page?) and wait for CityStrides to resync (assuming it would even catch an old activity… I’m not sure if syncing is based on since the last activity timestamp or a certain number of recent activities).

Anyway, it’d be cool to be able to click a line on the lifetime map and be taken to the activity page, or see it in a popup or tooltip, so I can more easily find it on Runkeeper (or click a link to go to the source of the activity).


+1 on this one