Ability to embed the map?

Can we embed our lifetime map in our own site? PLEASE? :slight_smile:

That’s a cool idea… I’ll poke around to see what I come up with.

You’re looking for a code snippet that’ll embed into your site kinda like a YouTube embed, right?

Yes EXACTLY. Incredible app btw, we built a website years ago called RUNROME.com (someone stole the url from under me, bummer!) where I was going to run every street in Rome. The way we coded the thing it just took forever to zoom and reload. So impressed with your work. Thanks again!


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Has there been any update on this idea?

Hi James,
was there any progress about this possibility? I started a city run, too and would love to include my finished streets and percent as map in our project page.

Greetings from Germany

I searched And arrived here hoping for the same thing.

I like it!

Just adding another supporter to this - would be really cool to have this option as I’m thinking about blogging my run…