Ability to embed the map?

Can we embed our lifetime map in our own site? PLEASE? :slight_smile:

That’s a cool idea… I’ll poke around to see what I come up with.

You’re looking for a code snippet that’ll embed into your site kinda like a YouTube embed, right?

Yes EXACTLY. Incredible app btw, we built a website years ago called RUNROME.com (someone stole the url from under me, bummer!) where I was going to run every street in Rome. The way we coded the thing it just took forever to zoom and reload. So impressed with your work. Thanks again!


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Has there been any update on this idea?

Hi James,
was there any progress about this possibility? I started a city run, too and would love to include my finished streets and percent as map in our project page.

Greetings from Germany

I searched And arrived here hoping for the same thing.

I like it!

Just adding another supporter to this - would be really cool to have this option as I’m thinking about blogging my run…


Wondering if there is any update on this, or if anyone knows of another easy way to create an embed from the map on CS? It’s fine to take a screenshot but a map that updates automatically would be much more straightforward!

I’m not pursuing this idea, at the moment.

I have to pay Mapbox (without getting into details) every time a map is shown on a page. This would have the potential of driving my costs through the roof, e.g. if a CityStrides map was embedded on a very popular page (Rickey Gates :eyes:).

:thinking: I might be able to do a not-so-pretty version with Leaflet though

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That makes sense @JamesChevalier, thanks for replying. I think the compromise is I’ll just take a screenshot every so often!


Excellent idea!

Screenshot my progress and have them on my Facebook and Instagram profiles. Works for me

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