Ability to check where activity is syncing from?

I’ve just queued a sync from a run this evening (uk) assuming it is coming but is there anywhere to check what you is queued if coming from Garmin connect and not strava?

There’s effectively no Garmin queue at this point, so the short answer there is no. If/when a queue exists, I’ll display that in the status page.

If you can I’d greatly appreciate if you New: Pause syncing

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Strava already paused looks like this is that what you need?


Not sure if this is what you are asking, but when an activity hits your CS account, you can see where it came from by opening the activity and looking here (it is also a link to the original service’s page for that activity):

Yes, he wanted to make sure you weren’t still taking up API calls from Strava.

On your end it looks good by that screenshot.


Still waiting for my first couple of activities to make it over!!

For me the red and green are the wrong way round as Strava is paused (green) and Garmin is uploading (red)