A podcast about the thing we are all addicted to?

Hey there,

The big thing we really would love to do is :

to know more about the guy , how invented and created all these crazy things…

For all those, who can’t sleep anymore due to dreaming about the evil red nodes, there could me be an answer to all your questions:

A podcast with Mr. Citystrides…

Or is there already one, which I didn’t listen to?

If there’s no one yet, we would be very pleased to record one for you

We are addicted ESS runners fro. Germany.

One of our last podcasts was recorded with Mr. Lenny Maughan from San Francisco … The one and only Mr. Strava ART…

Would be so cool to listen to Mr. Run Every Street.

Would you please listen to our asks?

Flo, Thorsten and Hansi
From Nürnberg Germany
The Morgenspaziergang crew

I would be really interested in listening to that podcast!