A look back on updates in 2020

I’m closing out my project management board from last year, and thought it would be nice to post the full list of what I worked on in 2020.

Looking back, it’s interesting to see how much work came out of fact that CityStrides grew :rocket: and how many of the other efforts put things in a good place to continue that growth - both in being able to handle more & more people, and getting areas of the code in a position to do more in the future.

HUGE thanks to all of you, long term members and newly-joined alike! You all make CityStrides an awesome project to work on.

  • Started the global city update project
  • Started working on the Challenges feature
  • Completely re-architect the entire background job system to be able to handle massive scaling requirements
  • Added Garmin support
  • Reworked a lot of the Strava syncing behind the scenes, to account for CityStrides growing beyond their API limits
  • Added the advanced LifeMap for Supporters, which greatly increases performance & allows filtering activities from being displayed
  • Removed Google Analytics
  • Simplified privacy settings
  • Improved the status page
  • Added a view of your completed streets, allowing you to un-mark manually completed streets
  • Added the ability to pause syncing for any connected service
  • Implemented the nested cities structure
  • Updated the completed/progressed street UI to be more consistent
  • Changed the street ‘View’ button behavior so it doesn’t zoom into the street automatically & allows multiple streets to be shown on the map at once
  • Updated the base style on the map to remove some features that aren’t relevent for us, and added a distance ruler in the bottom left corner
  • Added the ability to sync in a single activity (from your Settings page)
  • Reworked all of the site’s javascript
  • Lots of software/language upgrades