100% Strategies

Thank you - although our towns are smaller… :joy:… we have 13000 inhabitants and 200 streets :wink:

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I’m going for 100% of my city. When I plan my next run, I have City Strides open in one tab and Garmin Connect in the other. I plan a route that covers a new street, or nodes within an existing street, within the city limits.

Once I reach the point where I can’t find a street to run inside the city, I’ll be looking at streets outside the city to cover. (At least until the geographic information is updated.)

At some point, only my long runs will be CS productive. The rest will be too short to include a missing street or node. But they’re still good for me, right?

Awesome Job!

I am in the same boat as you - surrounded by smaller towns that I am chipping away at.

I have gone into the bigger city we are near a few times, and it is a tough transition when you finish a bunch of streets and see the needle move decimal percentages instead of a few percent.

I like the smaller ones better I think :laughing:

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