Zero streets completed or progressed

Why does this morning’s run show zero streets completed and progressed? I’ve tried re-syncing but to no avail.

It might be slow, it took a while for me yesterday (2-3 hours) but they appeared in the end.

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It’s now five hours and still no joy. Any ideas @JamesChevalier?

It’s fixed but it took six hours.

This was a one-off issue (well…)

The code that updates cities uses up piles of memory. I take a “do it → do it right → do it well” approach, and I’m still on step one (see zero-node streets). After I wrap up this zero-node issue, I can focus on speeding it up & using fewer resources.

Last night the server ran out of memory and crashed. So from (roughly) 2am to 8:30am Eastern time, most of the background jobs were not being run.


Thanks for the explanation, and for all the hard work!