Wrong Node


Last week I walked a street in Barneveld and found out that I didn’t complete it. It seems that one node is not correct. In the picture it is the one where the arrow is pointing at.
The node is on completely different road. Is it possible to remove that node from the Parallelweg?

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Just checked it in OSM. Looks very strange.

I have a similar node in Copenhagen and i can’t figure out how it’s connected.

That sure looks like an errant node. Maybe there’s a typo in the lat/long coordinates for that one node in Open Street Maps?

I think you’ll have to fix it in OSM and then wait for the update to sync with City Strides (assuming that the node is in fact a mistake).

I think there are instructions on how to use OSM somewhere in this forum.

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Very strange, can’t see anything wrong in OSM, neither for Juan or Henrik in their examples, so there is nothing to fix! Maybe @JamesChevalier can see what’s happened?

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What I’ve noticed is if there used to be a disconnected part of a street that is deleted, one node will remain. I honestly don’t think this is an OSM issue but rather something related to how CS is pulling in the nodes.

Here’s an example from my city where I’ve deleted a section connected to 136th Street due to new construction, but the original node on 136th Street remains:

@JamesChevalier , I have checked the node in OSM and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Can you have a look?
Regards, Juan

Just as an FYI, I see that perhaps this issue is more complicated than just an OSM edit.

Also, what happens when the overpass query is run on the area(s)?

Note: Link and info on the overpass query is also on the OSM Basics page.

So I started overpass and when I started typing the streetname, I noticed that two streets were shown. The one that I have walked and also one where the ‘wrong’ node is shown.
After I noticed this, I searched in Google Maps and found this:

As you can see the adress of Samad Flowers is not on the Parallelweg, but in Google it shows that it does.
Next week I will drive by to see what the actual situation is. In OSM the road where Samad Flowers is located does not have a name.
When using overpass it didn’t show up as Parallelweg, but I am not sure if I did use the correct query.


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