Why is this city in my list?

I find Skellefteå in my city list

But I can’t see any streets that have been run. Actually when I started CS I did have som walks in Skellefteå, but I have removed them from Strava (This was already lst year), and they seem to have disappeared in CS also. Is it just the street list that hasn’t been updated? The city was updated from OSM on March 5

If you did have activities in CityStrides within that city at one point, then the likely cause is that the activities were deleted but some of their corresponding data was not.

I can manually clean this up & double check the deletion strategies.

Yes, I had quite a few walks/hikes that were imported from Strava to CS at the start. But I deleted all those from Strava, and as far as I can see they also disappeared from CS after a while, all but this one it seems. So if you can clean up Skellefteå as well it would be great!