Where is CityStrides getting the node location from?


Elkins Street in Hampton NH is showing the correct location in CityStrides:

When you show the nodes for that street, they are in the wrong location. Everything in OSM looks correct to me. Where is CityStrides getting the location of the nodes?

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 11.00.58 AM

It’s getting the information from OSM. However, take a look at the update date. Is it possible that OSM was corrected subsequent to that day?

No, the last update on OSM was 8 years ago.

All data comes from OSM & the visual is provided by Mapbox. It’s possible that the Mapbox visual is wrong.

I haven’t had time to investigate, though, so :point_up: I’m just speculating. I’ll post again after I have time to take a closer look.


The street - Way: ‪Elkins Street‬ (‪18877550‬) | OpenStreetMap - hasn’t been updated in OSM in 8 years, but its nodes were updated ~2 weeks ago:

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Ok, I think it makes sense. MapBox has the street in the correct location and hence is displayed correctly in CityStrides. Since the nodes were updated two weeks ago, they should appear In CityStrides the next time Hampton NH is updated? I guess I’m wondering why, when the street and nodes were moved in OSM two weeks ago, the last updated time-stamp for the street in OSM was not updated. How did you find the most recent update in OSM for that street? Sorry for my OSM incompetence :pleading_face:. Thanks James

Looks like they don’t touch related records on updates. That makes sense, given the huge amount of data they have.

I handle street updates independently from their OSM timestamp. I handle node updates a few different ways, one of which refers to the date on the node page.

Just wanted to let you know that this was resolved with the latest CityStrides update from OSM on 10-15-2020.