What's your favorite street name that you've run?

I completed Keokuk Lane the other day and I think it’s my new favorite. And Hokah Ave is probably second place since I run in Hoka Cliftons most of the time.

What’s your favorite street name that you’ve completed? Or the weirdest?

I used to like ‘Marathonloop’ in Eindhoven a lot.
Marathonloop - CityStrides

Close by in Veldhoven we find ‘De Run’. Which is much more inclusive ofcourse, I think it should be everyone’s favorite street.
De Run - CityStrides

Also in Eindhoven we have ‘Vliegende Koffer’, which would translate to ‘Flying Suitcase’. Sounds very convenient when you travel a lot.
Vliegende Koffer - CityStrides

In Zwolle i ve ran the ‘Korte Ademhalingssteeg’. It means ‘Short Breathing Alley’. I don’t think I was running that fast, but who knows.
Korte Ademhalingssteeg - CityStrides

In Helmond I’ve stumbled upon ‘Verliefd Laantje’.
This is the ‘Lane in Love’. I think, just like me, it’s in love with too many streets…
Verliefd Laantje - CityStrides

Ok, can’t help myself. One more. Who wouldn’t like to live in Sesamstraat?
Sesamstraat - CityStrides


Utopia: Utopia - CityStrides
You go to Nirwana take a right, then left, and you’re there. Quite disappointing in the end.


In Louisville, KY, USA there’s Billy Goat Strut and Nanny Goat Strut Alleys that always get a chuckle as I run by them.


Not sure if its a favorite but it sure prompted discussion.


Bierjodlgasse (Beeryodelalley) in Salzburg :beer: :beer: :beer:


I’ve come across Habe-die-Ehre-Gasse - CityStrides (“honored to meet you”) - my friendly greeting as I pass someone in the rankings, and Ohmanngasse - CityStrides - me when I see someone I thought I was keeping up with drop a 70-street activity and disappear over the horizon never to be seen again :sweat_smile:


Wantonwalls View in Edinburgh apparently named after a farm of the same name before the houses were built

I’ve bagged Memory Lane - CityStrides in Rozelle NSW.

I like these 2 streets in Queens (New York). They tie all of us City Striders globally:

United Nations Avenue North

United Nations Avenue South

Today I completed the ‘Short Longstreet.’ :sweat_smile:
Korte Langestraat - CityStrides