What is my monthly streets count?

I like the “most streets completed last month” leaderboard, but it would be nice to have some idea as to what my own monthly total currently is. I don’t know if there’s a way to find that?

Second to that, I’m unclear what “in the last month” means? Is it a 30 days moving average, or the current calendar month, or the previous calendar month? IMO the ‘current’ month leaderboard would also be cool, and then last month’s final winners listed as well.


“In the last month” is “between 1 month ago and now”, but it’s also cached for a day so it might not always be exactly one month ago to now :smile:

I like this idea as well. I’m in the process of revamping the logged-in homepage to be more “quick stats reference”, so I’ll try to include this.

I have some technical details to work through, but this should all be possible.


OK, the homepage revamp is live now. :tada:

:thinking: I think I want to change “in the last month/week” to “last week” & “last month” and have those stats reset on the first of the week/month.

I’m not considering this done, it’s just better … I hope. :laughing:

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It is better and easier to understand (the “in the last week”) and I think a moving average keeps things interesting anyway, other than having the same people on the list for a week at a time. Now to find out how close I am to making the leaderboard!!