What is a Strider?

What is a strider? On my home page under the progress bar it says “37 striders”. Is that how many people are using city strides in my city? Cheers

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A Strider is a word I came up with to refer to someone who uses CityStrides.
I’m not super consistent in using it everywhere in the site, and I haven’t checked to see if it resonates with people. I haven’t seen others use the phrase, so I’m assuming it doesn’t.


I for one like it! I use it super frequently :slight_smile:

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Makes me proud being a strider!


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I love the term! However I am a bit confused as to how it works and I think it is a UX thing.

If I go to town X, to look at how many streets I have completed, I can look at Striders. Does this just mean here is a list of Striders who have run through this town?

In town X, strider ABC had 6.0%. In town y, strider ABC had 99.06%.


It’s a list of anyone who has completed a street in that city.

Each person has their own percentage complete for each city they’re running. That percentage complete is what’s displayed in that list of Striders.

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Me too! I’m very new, but getting hooked. I wonder if @JamesChevalier has considered selling t-shirts with the CS logo on them?

I recently started doing Parkruns, and they offer (to buy) t-shirts when you hit milestones (number of runs). I’m looking forward to getting the e-mail that says I’m eligible to buy.

I would seriously consider a CityStrides (tech fabric) T.

PS. Could not find a good link on Parkrun re: Ts, but did find this: https://www.parkrun.com/news/2019/07/31/milestone-t-shirts-back-on-track/

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There is a post that received some action a few weeks go in the ideas forum about CityStrides merch

More input and more votes might make it happen!

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