Welcome to the Community (Roadmap updated 2021-12-10)

This forum is a worldwide community of runners participating in CityStrides. There are a few categories set up for us:

  • Announcements - This is where new features, enhancements, and updates to CityStrides are announced
  • Ideas - This is where you can share your thoughts on how CityStrides can be improved
  • Support - This is where I can help you with any problems/questions you have
  • Wiki - This is a community-maintained knowledge base for all things CityStrides.
  • General - This is where general conversations are

Please Do This To Make Support Easier :smile:

First, grab your Profile link:

  • Visit https://citystrides.com
  • Open the top right menu and click Profile
  • Copy the URL in the browser’s address for for the page that this brings you to

Then, add it here in the forum:

  • Click your face here in the forum in the top :point_up: right :point_right: menu
  • Click your name in the menu that opens up
  • Click Preferences in the other menu that opens up
  • Click Profile in the left menu
  • Paste your link into the CityStrides Profile Link field
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button

Roadmap (updated 2021-12-10)

Here’s a short post with a few of my larger ongoing efforts, to give you all a sense of what I’m focusing on right now. I’ll keep this post updated in place as the roadmap changes.

Subscription Improvements

  • Accept more currencies
  • Clean up the general subscription offerings
  • Accept more payment methods

Achievements / Badges

Friend / Follow

I should really condense these posts down…


The core feature is there, but it really needs a lot of polish.