Welcome to the Community (Roadmap updated 2020-04-23)

This forum is a worldwide community of runners participating in CityStrides. There are a few categories set up for us:

  • Announcements - This is where new features, enhancements, and updates to CityStrides are announced
  • Ideas - This is where you can share your thoughts on how CityStrides can be improved
  • Support - This is where I can help you with any problems/questions you have
  • Wiki - This is a community-maintained knowledge base for all things CityStrides.
  • General - This is where general conversations are

Please Do This To Make Support Easier :smile:

First, grab your Profile link:

  • Visit https://citystrides.com
  • Open the top right menu and click Profile
  • Copy the URL in the browser’s address for for the page that this brings you to

Then, add it here in the forum:

  • Click your face here in the forum in the top :point_up: right :point_right: menu
  • Click your name in the menu that opens up
  • Click Preferences in the other menu that opens up
  • Click Profile in the left menu
  • Paste your link into the CityStrides Profile Link field
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button

Roadmap (updated 2020-04-23)

Here’s a short post with a few of my larger ongoing efforts, to give you all a sense of what I’m focusing on right now. I’ll keep this post updated in place as the roadmap changes.

Strava API Limits

CityStrides has over 12,500 Strava-connected accounts. The Strava API daily limit is currently 30,000 API calls. This means that the site would barely be able to keep up with day-to-day activities, but with the influx of new users it has become impossible to do a full history sync for all new users (over 2,300 since March 18) and keep up with new activities.
Strava has been completely unresponsive to my requests for an API limit increase. I don’t know if it would help for you to message them about increasing the API limit for CityStrides:

A lot of my focus recently has been on ways to improve the activity sync process.

Garmin Integration

The integration is being rolled out now: New: Garmin Integration / Update: Now with history syncing

It’s initially Supporter-only, but I will lift this restriction soon. I just need to monitor this release a bit first.
Also, it does not include any historic syncing yet. I’m waiting on some endpoint improvements from Garmin before I can implement that.

This integration pairs well with New: Pause syncing for any Strava-connected accounts looking to avoid that backlog :smiley:

Automatic Data Updates

The Global Coverage project is complete! Given this move, we should all contribute changes to OpenStreetMap when we see bad data (wayward nodes, private roads not accurately marked, etc). How to help with missing/broken cities/regions
The next step is to build a system that stays up to date with changes in OpenStreetMap. I don’t have an ongoing topic to discuss this work, because it’s pretty much just me thinking and typing until something works. :smile:

Timeboxed Challenges

There are a number of people who are trying to complete their city within a given time frame (e.g. this month or this year). After thinking about it a bit, I think I see two main opportunities…


  • select start & end dates (so this can be a month or year or whatever, no limitations in what you can set as start/end dates)
  • select whether or not other people can join in on the challenge
  • any activities that already exist in this time frame are automatically added to the challenge (this is to allow retroactive challenges e.g. for comparison, as well as to allow people to join in mid-challenge)

Site-wide (very similar to user-driven, but more community-based vs personal goal):

  • some regularly repeating set amount of time e.g. every month or every three months
  • either everyone is automatically entered, or it’s some kind of opt-in :man_shrugging:

Goals (each project doesn’t have to be only the number of streets we complete):

  • complete as many streets as you can
  • complete X number of streets
  • run in as many different cities as you can

Here’s the topic for this idea: Time based filtering and challenges

Route Generation

This is still in the planning stages, but the main idea is to be able to select a few unfinished streets & let CityStrides create a route to complete them for you. I need to have conversations about this idea with many of you, to make sure that I’m building something that’s actually useful for you. This is all quite far off in the timeline, given how large the global coverage tasks are.

Here’s the topic for this idea: Add a route suggestion feature