Weird bug: missing streets

So I found this example…inexplicable.

Hampton Way is a street…incomplete…in Wakefield-Peace Dale, RI. You see it below. However, the street does not appear in the list of incomplete streets for the city. (It doesn’t appear in the completed list, either).

What’s going on here?

This took a bit of sleuthing… :male_detective:
Every street in that area isn’t present in the list!
Yarmouth, Camden, Chatham…

I searched “Yarmouth Wakefield” in Nominatim and found this:

I noticed its organizational structure includes South Kingstown… That looks to be a superset of Wakefield Peacedale:

And that’s what holds the Street:

I don’t know why Wakefield Peacedale doesn’t also have a Yarmouth Circle. My guess is that the data relation isn’t set up that way in OSM (or my methods of traversing the that relation don’t line up).

I bet South Kingstown got added after the streets were added to OSM while Wakefield Peacedale got added way earlier.

It’s a relatively new neighborhood.

This overlap probably also explains some of the other weird behavior in that area.