Virtual Runs - e.g. on Zwift

Noticed these are appearing - i.e. ones from Zwift on a treadmill where you run a virtual course but get virtual GPS points so looks like a “normal” run… The courses are often based on a real world locations like London, Innsbruck, Harrogate, New York etc etc

On Strava these are the activity type “Virtual Run” rather than just a normal “Run”.

Maybe there is some advantage in seeing how much of the Zwift courses you have covered but of course I guess the general idea here is to actually run them!

So should they be included or not?

The premise of CS is “Run your city, street by street”, I don’t see how this can be reconciled with any form of treadmill running. I’m not familiar with the virtual courses, but if you have to follow a prescribed route there is no way to get beyond a token number of streets in any of the virtual locations either. On that basis, I would argue that they should not be included.

Can you share a link to one of these virtual runs within CityStrides?
I’m surprised my activity-type filter didn’t keep these out…

Actually now I look closer the migration to Strava only (thanks for your patience there) looks to have solved it. When Zwift Run first came out, Strava did not have Virtual Run category so older ones like Tim Grose's Activity on December 1, 2017 - CityStrides were just “Run” in Strava and so hence it looks like I run in “Watopia” which is “really” an island near Fiji.