Updates to changing map

I really think the new life map (and city map) feature that shows my runs appearing over time is great. I’m planning on using that feature to generate a video when I complete 100% of my city. Right now, in addition to the map and the routes, it also lists the month and year on the maps. Very cool.

However, I was wondering if there was one additional feature that you could add to the map.

Assuming that the map is started by going to a specific city, would it be possible to also include the percentage completed? Watching the lines appear over time is very cool, but it would be even cooler if the actual percentage information was also updating as the map updated.

By the way, when I finish my city and create a video file, I’m going to edit it. There are a few periods of time when I made no progress on the city. Rather than just looking at a static maps for a few months, I’ll probably just chop those months out of the video. Video editing software is cheap.

I wonder if the rerun could just skip months with no activity? Or have the option to?

I’m also curious if the playback speed is controllable?

The activity might be elsewhere. Adding logic to limit only the portion of your activity that’s currently viewable might be a bigger job, and probably not worth it.

I don’t mind the idea of editing the file. I’d probably add a title card at a minimum. It’s not hard to do with modern video editing software.

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On Windows 10, I have a built in recorder (via the Xbox app I think). I tried it, and it worked well, and now maybe have more control over the playback speed.

Nope, the default “Movies & TV” app does not seem to have a speed control.
But “Windows Media Player” does have a slow and fast option.
But I also have “VLC”, and it has a couple more speed options.

Thanks for the idea on recording!